The VON PEIN family

This web-site will list some genealogical informations of the different VON PEIN lines in the area of the "Elbmarschen" in Schleswig Holstein, Germany.

The sponsor of this site is Emil J. von Pein in the U.S.A. To him the credit is principally due that this research results are published online.

Until today, we have about 22 different VON PEIN lines and some of them can be traced backwards to about the 16th century. But because there were so much VON PEIN listings in the church records, we stopped the research of the most lines in about 1820. Only a few lines were traced up to the 1870.

At the present time we are researching the contracts of the area of Pinneberg, which started in 1580. Here is the offspring of the VON PEIN of that area. They lived in the former village PEINE near Pinneberg. Only in the time from 1580 up to 1600 we have about 250 listings of the surname VON PEIN. In the future, we will try to connect this different lines and research the relationship of them. Our main interest is to reduce the 22 different family-trees to a less number and link this families to another.

Our database contains about 1650 individuals of whom round about 1100 are of the born-surname VON PEIN (in the year 1700 up to 1820). It is important to know that in the end of the 18th century some families dropped up the VON of their surname and from that time they have only the surname PEIN.

We have information of the VON PEIN in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, of the three lines in the USA and of course also of the families in the "Elbmarschen" of Schleswig Holstein.

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